I can understand that.

I'm so glad to hear that.

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Do you remember all of their names?


At the start, I was really still a bit scared.

She waiting longingly for the return of her husband.

Carole can swim pretty well.

Why did you disobey my order?

She lives in this neighborhood.

Don't forget them.

I don't know her address.


It is money that many people worship most.

Win is going to get fired.

Would you like soup or salad as a side dish?

What does man gain from all his work at which he toils under the sun?

I must be blind.

I've just finished my work.

Why do I always need to struggle with such problems?

He stood stock still.

You'd better quit smoking.

I like to be organised!

Who'd want to hire you?

I'm not going to help Gil.

You're frightening the guests.

She seemed so much at ease in the saddle.

He now has the password.

I never saw them before today.

Leo still calls me from time to time.


You idiots are giving the school a bad name.

Is that surprising?

The actress is featured on a large billboard advertising makeup.

She is old.

I figured you might want a drink.


Where did you send Lucius?

I can't believe you're giving up.

I walked around the block.


Po is wearing what looks like a military uniform.

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Ernie liked to listen to Blayne play the piano.

In 1880, the Irish boycotted a landowner, Captain C.C. Boycott, for failing to lower rents.

Juliane remained there until 2013.

As the world becomes economically richer, it becomes environmentally poorer.

Tuna is lacking in delicacy.

I wish I had asked you for advice.

They are seeing their uncle tomorrow.


Scott traded a watch for a book, and then traded the book for money.


You've found them.

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I was scouted by a model agency while walking around Shibuya.

Was there anyone else around?

Why does Laurel cry so much?


You should stay away from Magnus today.


I should've been there sooner.


It is wrong for a man to conceal things from his wife.


Watch her.

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Mitchell has a great talent for the assignment of tasks.


I'm almost positive.

Leads tried to keep calm.

There is a rumor that the radicals are plotting against the government.

Please specify any conditions you have for the use of this information.

What a man!


We had a lot to celebrate.

Let's stay in close contact.

I like none of them.

He jumped his horse over the fence.

I bought a pen, but I lost it.

That's cute.

We fought hard.

What've you been doing to them?

Nick stayed in the house all day.

Shamim might help if you asked him to.

Vinod and his wife have three children.

We have just received an inquiry from Kansas concerning your brother.

For the safety of our children, please do not enter porn sites.


I saw a dirty dog coming into the garden.


There was a strong wind.


I haven't been swimming recently.


It's not a bomb.

I should probably go.

It's still a big risk.

Olof eats very little.

Kee belongs here.

Except for Bill, they all made it.

Are you going to school tomorrow?

Jason chose the restaurant where we ate lunch.

Is it too late to change my mind?


Don't ask the same thing over and over again. I explained it properly to you already. It's getting tedious.

The police questioned Danielle again.

Here's a photo of her.

I've just never seen you looking happier.

The freshest of all scents, if it exists, is definitely not laundry soap.

I should never have doubted you.

I feel sorry for these children.

Strange things happened in that house.

Victoria has never been kissed by Louie.

I did everything Mat asked me to do.

It would mean a lot to Donnie if you showed up at his party.

I had this illness before.

He has arrived here now.

Ask him when the next plane leaves.

The beehives are on the other side of the orchard.

Do you like white chocolate?

Traveling makes people knowledgeable.

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He will never forgive my debt.

Shean didn't seem to be disappointed.

Lee needs a push.

I'll take it to Alex.

Shyam is teaching me to paint.

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Bill got into such a hole with the payments on his house that now that he's lost his job, I don't know how he'll ever get out from under.

I'm sick. Will you send for a doctor?

If I don't do it now, I never will.

I don't have any ideas at this time.

I need something to wet my whistle.


Keep cool.

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Don't enter that room.

I've decided not to sue Hein.

I was injured.

Ronni says he won't come.

Sedovic and Danielle ate the whole cake by themselves.

Hsuan had no alibi the night of the murder.

You look the way your father did thirty years ago.


If you ever hurt Pratapwant, I'm going to hurt you.


There are a lot of fish in the sea.

In Soviet times, each government made propaganda.

I didn't know Mara had a dog.


I'd like to meet him someday.

You look like your father looked thirty years ago.

The earthquake had a magnitude of six on the Richter scale.


What is the second largest country in the world?

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Stephe doesn't want to hear this.


Where will everybody sleep?

I won't tie your shoelaces for you.

Why have I never heard of her?


I consoled him with his favorite food.

My uncle lived a happy life.

One thousand dollars will cover all the expenses for the party.

I'd like a large portion please.

"Isn't it easier to find your stuff when your room's tidy?" "I don't care. I don't want to clean my room."


Gypsy has three gorgeous daughters.

It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom.

Think before you do it.


Yesterday you were better than today.


Christina nodded understandingly.

What do you think I should do now?

My French is pretty rusty, too.

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Oranges are bigger than tangerines.

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I've had a lot on my mind these past few days.

The president proposed a new plan.

The ground was covered with leaves.

Prices are reasonable.

He will be coming to the party.

Keep your elbows off the table.

Floyd can't paint.


Susan was one of the presenters.

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The journalist reported each new development in the talks.

Doctors removed the bullet.

What do you think it means?

Amos has been sick in bed all week.

I remember being introduced to him at a party last year.

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You must not smoke.

I'm Ricardo.

Pedro opened the envelope and took out the letter.